Thomas Ricke

Thomas Ricke

Managing Partner (Villageboom) - Germany

"Life gets better for everyone."


A student of the 80ies, a time where the current concepts of market based approaches to economic development and BOP (Base of the Pyramid) science was not known yet, I studied business administration on top of economic development, in hindsight a great combination. I was fascinated by the possible solutions to overcome poverty. Due to my passion for economic development, at the age of 34, I gladly accepted an offer by my former employer Procter & Gamble for a 3-year assignment in Yemen. This continued with subsequent assignments in Egypt and Nigeria for another 5 years. What I learnt and saw in the developing countries encouraged me to found Villageboom in 2008. Villageboom is a social enterprise to improve the lives in the rural part of developing markets. The Villageboom solar lamps – meanwhile in the 4th generation – are the answer to the question: how can we make them so attractive that there is no reason anymore to stay with a kerosene lamp.

💿What is the problem?

300 million families still use kerosene lamps as their only lighting.

What is the opportunity

The switch to solar light does not only increase the brightness of the light by 500%, but it also saves money.

I am Bringing SENS to Life through making solar light so affordable so there is no reason anymore to stay with a kerosene light!

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