Terms of Use


§1 The scope and subject of the Regulations

  1. Regulations govern the use of the Platform, the rights and obligations of its Users and Administrators as well as other legal matters.
  2. The Platform’s services are rendered in accordance with these Regulations.
  3. While using the Platform as an unregistered Guest the provisions of the Regulations shall apply accordingly.

§2 Definitions

The words and expressions used in these Regulations have the following meaning, unless not clearly stated otherwise within the provisions of the Regulations:
  1.  an “Administrator” – a person with permission to modify and develop the Platform,
  2.  the “Agreement” – the agreement of membership on terms and conditions specified in the Regulations entered into by becoming a Member.
  3. the “F6S” - a Platform Partner
  4. the “Company” – SENStation Sp. Z o. o. with its business seat in Mszana Dolna, ul. Zielona 2, 34-730 Mszana Dolna, Poland entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register conducted by the district court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the KRS no. 0000394563
  5. a “Challenge” – an event organized by the Company
  6. a “Guest” – an unregistered User of the Platform,
  7. a “Member” – a registered User of the Platform,
  8. a “Platform Partner” – an entity collaborating officially with the Company under the collaboration agreement regarding the Platform,
  9. the “Platform” – the internet based social networking site www.beta.senstation.org and all its facilities which are owned by the Company,
  10. a “Project” – any project that is launched, created or advertised using the Platform,
  11. a “Project Image” – descriptive information about the Project regarding in particular, but not limited to, its logo, name, owner, collaborators and partners,
  12. the “Regulations” – these terms of use of the Platform,
  13. “social business” and “social entrepreneurship” are used interchangeably in the following document; they refer to a form of business-minded problem solving, which is aimed at solving social problems using business logic and methods,
  14.  the “Tools” – certain communication tools available on the Platform that enable its Users to work using the Platform,
  15. a “User” – any person either registered or visiting the Platform.

 §3 Platform purpose

  1. The Platform is designed to help different groups of people, in particular social entrepreneurs, students, professionals and other individuals and parties interested in social business.
  2. A passive User while using the Platform, gains knowledge and inspiration through a positive information transfer and on-site learning about social entrepreneurship.
  3. An active User while using the Platform is helped with various collaborative Tools that enable him to launch social business projects.
  4. The Platform helps social businesses to give them recognition and connect with possible business partners.
  5. The adopted business model of the Company is that of a social business.
  6. The Platform is an open place of interaction allowing people to exchange ideas and information regarding social entrepreneurship.
  7. The Platform provides a space for developing and discussing social business projects.
  8. The Platform is designed to match people and projects as well as to exchange thoughts and ideas on any topics connected with social entrepreneurship.
  9. The Regulations have to be interpreted in accordance with the purpose of the Platform.

§4 Users

  1. Any person can be a Guest of the Platform and be provided with Platform services within the scope of services rendered by the Platform with limitation to item 2 of this paragraph.
  2. Some services are rendered to Members only.
  3. Any person can sign up for the Platform and become a Member under the condition that he or she matches the membership criteria as described in § 5.
  4. While signing up you agree to adhere to these Regulations and explicitly accept the Platform’s terms of use.
  5. Signing up for the Platform can be done by creating an account on the website www.beta.senstation.org and by filling out the application form in the way specified on the site.
  6. Providing the data requested in this form is compulsory for becoming a Member and a prospective Member consents to providing it.
  7. After the creation of the account a person becomes a Member of the Platform and enters into the Agreement.
  8. By filling out the application form a Member states and declares he/she has a legal capacity to act under the applicable law.

§5 Members and types of Membership

  1. The purpose of different types of Membership is to provide a broad range of services for people of many professions that may run or help social business.
  2. You consign to the fact that any and all data provided by you is true and correct, including your name and age.
  3. Providing false information will result in termination of the account and denial of service by the Platform.
  4. Providing false information will also lead to an official warning to the inviter, where multiple warnings would result in the termination of the inviter’s membership account.
  5. The Platform has several types of Membership including, but not limited to, the following
    a) Business membership,
    b) IT membership,
    c) Law membership,
    d) Platform Partner membership
    These categories may be expanded at any time in the future, without prior notice by the Platform and without any liabilities arising from it on behalf of the Platform.
  6. Membership may be used exclusively by Business students, employees and alumni.
  7. IT membership may be used exclusively by IT students, employees and alumni in particular from Platform Partner universities.
  8. Law membership may be used exclusively by law students, employees and alumni in particular from Platform Partner universities.
  9. Platform Partners membership may be used exclusively by Platform Partners including in particular NGOs, MNEs, social business pioneers, social entrepreneurs, fund and associations, academics, experts.
  10. The types of membership may be divided into certain categories:
    a) regular consumer membership,
    b) premium consumer membership,
    c) regular business membership,
    d) premium business membership,
    e) media membership.
  11. While the Platform expands new types and categories of membership may appear which shall not be considered as an amendment to the Regulations.
  12. The Company reserves the right to provide some sections and services of the Platform for certain types or categories of membership.

§6 Using the Platform

  1. A User is granting the Company a royalty free, worldwide, non-exclusive license with ability to grant sublicenses for all the data stored on the Platform by him with respect to data protection rules and with reservation to § 7 and § 9 of the Regulations.
  2. The licensed mentioned in item 1 shall be granted in the fields of exploitation including distribution on the Internet for the purposes relating to the activities of the Platfrom which covers presenting the Information about a User.
  3. Sharing any data on the Platform is done under exclusive responsibility of a User, the Company has no responsibility or liability in relation to any content posted or created by a User.
  4. Users are solely responsible and liable for any data shared that violates third parties’ rights.
  5. Any tools provided by the Platform must be used in accordance to the Regulations and applicable rules of law only.
  6. The Platform provides certain Tools that allow Users to stay active on the Platform.
  7. Tools are in particular the following, but are not exhaustively limited to:
    a) messaging,
    b) friending other members,
    c) blogs,
    d) profiles,
    e) project management tools,
    f) discussions,
    g) job board,
    h) groups.
  8. The Tools can be used ‘as they are’.
  9. Neither the Platform nor the Tools’ producers will accept any liability for usage of the Tools described in this paragraph.
  10. Any unlawful behavior while using the Platform will be considered as a breach of the Regulations.
  11. The breaches are considered in particular but not exhaustively limited to:
    a) spamming,
    b) advertising without the Company’s prior written consent,
    c) harassing any other Members,
    d) putting unlawful content on the Platform, especially violating IP laws as stated in § 12 of the Regulations.
  12. In case the breach occurs the Administrators reserve the rights to react in the specified manner; the consequences of the breach for the User may vary.
  13. In case the breach occurs the Administrators may in particular:
    a) remove the unlawful content,
    b) give a Member an official warning,
    c) suspend a Member (block the account),
    d) terminate the Agreement (remove the account).

§ 7 Projects

  1. Any Member can create a Project on the Platform.
  2. Project can be crated on www.f6s.com and submitted to the Competition
  3. All information of the Project submitted to the Competition can be copied to www.beta.senstation.org.
  4. A Project can be created anytime.
  5. A Project creator can choose whether a Project is public or non-public (private).
  6. A Project submitted to the Competition is public.
  7. A public Project can be seen by any Member and all the data are shared and available to any Member.
  8. A private project can be seen and all the data are shared and available to the Members invited to the collaboration by the creator of the Project only.
  9. While working on the Project the Company will not be held responsible for:
    a) any data taken away or used from a public Project by other Users,
    b) any loss of any data input while working on the Project (creating regular back-up files of the work is strongly advised).
  10. The creator of the Project is always regarded by the Company as the Project’s owner, despite any other agreements or arrangements between Users and collaborative partners engaged in the Project.
  11. The Company has no rights to the Projects apart from the license granted in § 8 of the Regulations.
  12. The Project belongs solely and entirely to its owner along with all the rights to the Project.
  13. The owner of the Project is fully responsible for that Project.
  14. The Project submitted to the Competition agrees with terms of use and privacy policy of partnering platform F6S

§ 8 The use of Project Image

  1. The Company can use the Project Image for communication purposes.
  2. Projects can be quoted in any press, marketing or advertising materials regarding the Company or the Platform published in the form of internet sites, paper press, tv material, movies, radio programs, music, computer programs, graphics, posters, banners or billboards.
  3. By creating a Project its owner grants the Company a royalty free, worldwide, non exclusive license with ability to grant sublicenses for the Project Image, including trademarks and any other intellectual property it may contain within the fields of exploitation specified in section 2 of this paragraph.
  4. The Company may advertise itself or the Platform by using a Project Image.
  5. The Company may, but does not have to notify the Project owner for specific actions with commercial purposes.
  6. The Platform Partners are not allowed to use any Project Image, unless with the consent of the Company or the owner of the Project.

§ 9 Privacy

  1. The Platform cares about the privacy of its Users and complies with the applicable data protection rules.
  2. The Platform will process data that is necessary to provide the services to its Users.
  3. Users provide their personal data voluntarily as described in § 4 of the Regulations.
  4. The Platform will do its best to provide high level of safety.
  5. Any data stored will be not accessible for any non-Members, with limitation to item 6 of this paragraph.
  6. The Platform has the right to remove or modify any stored data if necessary or obliged to do so by the rule of applicable law.
  7. No personal data of former Members will be stored on the Platform, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Member. Any data such as posts, comments, articles etc. will be anonymized and may remain stored on the Platform.
  8. A Member may change his or her privacy settings and choose whether selected information can be seen by:
    a) any User, or
    b) any Member, or
    c) friends only.
  9. Any tag of a Member mentioning his name or any other personal data can be removed by himself.

§ 10 Administrating the Platform; Complaints procedure

  1. The Platform is to be administrated by Administrators chosen by the Company.
  2. Administrators are to help Users using the Platform.
  3. In particular, Administrators have the right to edit or remove any data from the Platform if this data violates any laws, Regulations or is considered by the Administrator as inappropriate.
  4. Any User is entitled to report to an Administrator any problems that appear on the Platform as well as to report any data that should be removed by sending email at.
  5. Reported problems will be analyzed by the Administrators within a reasonable period of time and necessary actions will be taken as soon as possible.
  6. Any User is entitled to file a complaint with the Company by sending an email to the address regarding any problems that appear or may appear on the Platform.
  7. Filed complaints will be dealt with and an appropriate action will be taken within a reasonable period of time.

§ 11 Liability

  1. The Platform renders its services ‘as it is’.
  2. There are no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, that the Platform will be free of any errors, safe and fit for purpose.
  3. With respect to item 1 of this paragraph the Company’s liability shall be waived as there is no guarantee granted that the Platform will be working properly at all times.
  4. All possible and necessary steps will be taken by the Company in order to minimize the risk of the errors mentioned in item 2 of this paragraph.
  5. The liability of the Company for any breaches of law by Users is limited to the loss caused by reported unlawful acts that have not been properly reacted to by the Company within the reasonable period of time.
  6. The owner of the Platform is not liable for any loss or harm suffered during its use.
  7. All Users release the Company from any claims or remuneration for suffered damages arising from use of the Platform.

§ 12 Intellectual property

  1. The Platform respects intellectual property rights, in particular copyrights, patents, designs and trademarks and will not tolerate their violation in any manner.
  2. No unlawful data can be shared or uploaded on the Platform. By sharing the Company understands in particular posting links and hyperlinks. In particular, unlawful inlining and framing practices are strictly prohibited.
  3. Any reported unlawful activity considered as a breach of the applicable intellectual property laws will be reacted to in accordance with the Regulations.
  4. The Company and the Platform are under the intellectual property rights protection in particular through company name registration and Community Trademark registration.
  5. The Company will not accept any unlawful behavior regarding the intellectual property rights of the Company or any third parties.

§ 13 Amendments to the Regulations

  1. The Regulations can be amended at any time by the Company, if necessary under the applicable law or to provide a higher quality level or broader range of the services rendered by the Platform.
  2. In case the Regulations are amended Members will be provided with a notice of the amendment.
  3. The amendment of the Regulations shall be objected within 7 days from its notice to Users.
  4. If a Member does not wish to accept the amended Regulations she or he will be requested to stop using the Platform and delete his or her account.
§ 14 Termination of the agreement
  1. The agreement can be terminated anytime by a Member by deleting his or her account.
  2. The agreement can be terminated anytime by the Company by deleting his or her account, also in case of a breach of the Regulations by the Member.
  3. A member will be notified of the termination of his or her account via email.
  4. The Member may appeal within 7 days after receiving the email by responding to the email and presenting his/her view of the case.
  5. After the appeal is filed, the Company will review the case again and gives its final decision, which will be noticed to the Member via email by an Administrator.

§ 15 Availability of the Regulations

  1. Regulations are available on the Platform at all times.
  2. Any User has a right to read the Regulations while being on the Platform.
  3. Regulations can be copied and stored by a User for the purpose of the Agreement.

§ 16 Jurisdiction and applicable law

  1. Any disputes that may arise under the Agreement and in connection with using the Platform shall be resolved by Polish common courts in Kraków.
  2. .The Regulations are governed by Polish law.
  3. The Regulations shall be interpreted with accordance to Polish law.
  4. In any matters not ruled by the Regulations the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  5. Any User shall comply with all applicable laws when using the Platform.
  6. The rules of the applicable public law will be always complied with.

§17 Miscellaneous provisions

  1. An internet connection and an internet browser are technical requirements necessary to be provided with the services of the Platform.
  2. While using the Platform some files may be stored on the computer of a User, cookies in particular, which enable the Platform to provide high standard services.
  3. If any provisions of the Regulations shall be found null, void, unenforceable or in any other way legally ineffective, the remaining part of the Regulations shall remain in full force and effect.
  4. A User cannot transfer any rights or obligations under the Regulations to any third parties without a prior written consent of the Company.
  5. The Company’s rights and obligations under the Regulations can be freely transferred or assigned to any third parties, in particular in connection with a merger, acquisition, sale of assets or by operation of law.
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