Marta Milkowska

Marta Milkowska

Entrepreneurship Specialist (the World Bank, Simba Friends Foundation) - Kenya, USA

"There are 24 hours in a day. You can use them all."


Marta is currently working at the World Bank on the entrepreneurship, innovation and Bottom of the Pyramid interventions, analyzing and evaluating entrepreneurship programs in most parts of the world and designing innovative operational tools. She is also co-leading the development of a virtual incubator in Brazil. Prior to this, she has conceived, planned and executed projects in several countries including supporting social entrepreneurs and the ground-up construction of a boarding school for 600 Kenyan children. The latter involved stringing together the efforts of four NGOs, governmental officials of two countries, tribal leaders, construction contractors, and donors, as the lead operative on the field in the Masai heartland. In South Sudan, as a consultant to the CEO, she supervised a project involving deployment of telecom infrastructure in the country and managed a group of more than 70 employees. Marta holds a Msc in International Management from CEMS Global Alliance and MA in International Business from Warsaw School of Economics

💿What is the problem?

Lack of earning and growth opportunities among Massai, Lack of educational facilities, FGM of girls

What is the opportunity

You will see during the presentation ;) I will present the context of Massai social entrepreneurs. How do they live. What are their challenges and how we tried to address them.

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