Ramon Marmolejos

Ramon Marmolejos

Co-Founder, Executive Director (Emzingo Group) - USA

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy.


Ramon Marmolejos is the Executive Director and co-founder of Emzingo Group. Emzingo is a hybrid leadership and social development company. Emzingo has created an applied learning model by combining an innovative leadership training program with social impact consultancy projects in an emerging market. He has a passion for the intersection of business and society, and how to create authentic linkages between the two. Ramon has worked in consulting for 8 years, with a focus on human capital strategy and leadership development. He has designed curriculum and facilitated sessions on topics ranging from emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competency, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Most recently as a consultant for Monitor Group, he also worked in economic development projects in Africa for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. His previous experience includes working for a US education non-profit and working for the strategic planning team of Pepsi-Cola North America. Ramon graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and completed an International MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. He is fluent in Spanish and has spent time living and working in a variety of different geographies, including the US, Europe and Africa.

💿What is the problem?

Businesses have an incredible amount of influence and power, but their leaders are not leading responsibly. This results in increased pollution, violations of human rights, unhappy employees, a myopic, short-term view of success and unethical behavior. Employees and external stakeholders all lose in this scenario. Additionally, businesses and the citizen sector are missing out on opportunities to collaborate and co-create solutions. Finally, many social sector organizations could drastically improve their ability to maximize impact by incorporating ideas and innovations from the private sector. Most, however, lack human resources, expertise, or funding to effectively implement such solutions.

What is the opportunity

Emzingo is providing transformation. Transformation for participant = increased self-awareness, a deep understanding of sustainable value, and ability to co-create solutions. Transformation for social sector organization = capability building and application of effective market principles to increase impact.

We do this by connecting businesspeople with social impact projects around the world. Participants learn from being immersed in a new culture and attempting to innovate in new ways, and organizations on the ground benefit from the technical expertise of the participants. We couple this with an innovative leadership development curriculum over 8 weeks that develops core competencies that global leaders require – emotional intelligence, sustainability, authenticity, innovation, and global management.

The result is a multiplier effect for business and society. Private sector leaders make more responsible decisions, positively influencing their peers and organizations. Social sector organizations become more effective and create a greater social impact in the communities in which they operate.

I am Bringing SENS to Life through working in the space between the business and citizen sector!

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